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Outre-Loire is a Loire toue cabanée anchored in the exceptional setting of the Port de Chambord. Experience the Loire Valley at close quarters with the river that has always given it its rhythm: the Loire itself. Let yourself be lulled by the sounds of the river, hypnotized by its ever-changing movement, let your gaze wander over the horizon, or follow the flight of a fishing tern... In a boat built according to the rules of the traditional Loire Navy, enhanced for your comfort by some 21st century technology, sleep in the harbor where, 500 years ago, the stones used to build Chambord were unloaded. From here, set off to discover the châteaux, both grandiose and discreet, the forests of Sologne, the villages inherited from the royal era, and the local produce of the Loire Valley. Outre-Loi

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  • Accommodation 5
  • Comfort
    • Freezer
  • Activities nearby
    • Horse riding
    • Golf
    • Public swimming pool
    • Public tennis courts

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  • 2 persons (guest room + breakfast) 184€

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quai de la Loire
Face à la rue Porte-Oiseau
06 89 16 49 34 Site internet