Sensitive Natural Space

La Butte de Marcilly



Formerly much larger, the so-called dry meadows with short vegetation and lean soil have become rare. Despite this fragility, the few spaces that have been preserved retain a remarkable and very unique biodiversity. This is what you will discover on the Butte de Marcilly. This site hosts the northernmost population of Loir-et-Cher of Amber Ascalaphes. From May to July, this site sings, flutters and offers multiple colors, including wild orchids (do not pick!). As the dry season progresses, you
discover from July, environments with steppe atmospheres favorable to many insects such as locusts and grasshoppers.

The little extras

  • Pour poursuivre la balade : un parcours de quelques centaines

  • de mètres vous permettra de découvrir les richesses de ce site

  • en bord de Brisse.

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La Butte de Marcilly
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