Sensitive Natural Space, Protected site

La Grande Prairie



This 7-hectare site is equipped with an educational trail presenting the wealth of wet meadows, ponds and hedges.
Located in Sologne, a region with such a rich natural heritage that it is one of the largest sites in the European ecological network Natura 2000, this discovery trail is enhanced by a picnic area, and presents a real mosaic of environments on the banks of the Grande Sauldre. A fishing trail has also been set up on the bank of the Grande Sauldre.

  • Accepted animals

The little extras

  • La Grande Prairie est située en Sologne... L'un des joyaux biologiques de cette région comprend les milieux ouverts qu'ils soient secs comme les landes à bruyères ou humides comme les prairies alluviales telle La Grande Prairie où les papillons côtoient les orchidées...

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